This is my platform, which will be used to the fullest regardless of its reach and popularity.  Forget the reach and popularity, I just started it today (April 13, 2014), though I certainly hope that it will gain its popularity and reach with time – It is always good to be positive.  Moreover such factors are not of a major concern at the moment for I just did it out of passion rather than need.  I do have a penchant for writing, though this is the first time I am stepping into the blogging world, what an irony… :).

This will be my platform, where I will share my thoughts, vent out my joy, my sorrow, my anger, my life story (though I will try hard for it to be as minimal as possible – anyway privacy matters 😉 ), my hatred (of something, not someone).  Going by the purpose for which this blog was created, I wanted to name it “myplatform” (not in the first go though).  Unfortunately, someone has taken “myplatform” – read my platform.  So I thought of an alternative, which has quite a similarity and that is “mybandstand,” (platform ~ bandstand).  Thus, I settled with it and named it “mybandstand” – not bad for a starter ;).

English being my second language, I obviously will not be perfect in its use, as my vocabulary and choice of words will be limited to what I have learned and already known – this does not mean that I will stop learning.  But as of now, I will put my best effort forward to use whatever vocabulary of English I have learned and known so far to the maximum.

Additionally, being in the field of healthcare documentation for years, I will be writing on stuff related to medicine here and there in my blog.

Feedback in any way for the improvement of my blog/writing will always be welcomed with my arms widespread.  Criticism too will be accepted if it is for good.

Thank you and happy reading…!!!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m interested to know what your first language is? You are very well spoken in English so well done for that 🙂

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