Trust revoked…!!!

The time was early part of 2007.  A boy met a man, a colleague, at his workplace.  First they started out as colleagues, then blossomed into friendship, and then further into brotherhood.  With such relationship, they rendered help to each other as and when required.  The man was pious in a way.  Unfortunately, after a few years, the man encountered a nagging and recurrent illness due to which he had to leave the job as per doctor’s advice, thus rendering him jobless.  Though they are not in touch like they used to, they made it a point to catch up and hangout together whenever they felt like.

With time, since the man was jobless, he started facing a financial crunch,  so he started asking the boy for monetary help with a little hesitancy in the beginning.  Bound by the rapport they shared the boy complied with whatever he could with little or no negotiation whatsoever whenever necessary.  This habit of lending and borrowing continued sporadically until 2013.  All these years never did the boy ask back the money he had lent neither did the man pay back the money he had borrowed.

Now the time was January 2014 when the boy, with courage being gathered, asked the man for the money due to the financial constraint he faced at that point in time.  This was the time when the man cut off all sort of communications with the boy.  What an insulting twist!

Was the money worth the friendship, the brotherhood, and the rapport they shared, or was there no relationship at all the whole time?

If such is the case, will “TRUST” be the word as decorated and revered as it is now?

From the above, one can deduce to 3 conclusions:

  1. Money lent to someone cannot be claimed as yours (especially when you need it).
  2. If you lent money to someone, never expect it back.
  3. If you want a lasting relationship, never borrow/lend money from/to him/her.

The Unexplained Breakup…!!!

breakupThis is just an excerpt of my upcoming post.

A relationship of two lovebirds ended abruptly after almost a year and a half.  The reason being the boy ignoring the innocent girl for reason best known exclusively to him.  After a hard six long months, the girl fell for one of her many admirers just to beat the emotional trauma she had suffered from the breakup.

Now, after almost a year since the breakup, the boy texted the girl on her birthday only to be shot back with what she had gone through all this long.  She was still unhappy about the unexplained breakup.  In spite of being in a healthy relationship with the new boyfriend, she did not hesitate to gush out the sadness she had endured because of the boy.  The boy kept quiet throughout the discourse.  Then came the text message from the girl, “don’t forget that there will always be a special place in my heart for you.”

The boy did not have a word, but to weep deep within.

He texted back, “stay happy and stay blessed,  take care.”

Extended version coming up in my next post.  Keep visiting.