Love Bestowed…!!!

Hungry dog

It was not long ago that this incident happened.  It was a sunny afternoon.  Myself, my younger brother and younger sister were walking towards our apartment after devouring the entertainment provided by Captain America:  The Winter Soldier.  Just a few paces into the walk, we noticed that we were being stalked.  Just to be sure that the stalker was following us, we played a little game.  We pretended to stop, the stalker stopped; we pretended to take turn, the stalker turned as well.  Now, being sure that we were being followed, we chalked out of a plan.  We walked into a shop and bought a rusk biscuit for the stalker.  The stalker was none other than a cachectic puppy that looked like it had been starving since a day or two.  Once we tore the pack of rusk biscuit and gave it to the puppy, it pounded on it and guttled it as if it had not eaten in days.  It was only then it stopped following us.  We then walked into our apartment contentedly with a proud feeling that the deserving love is being bestowed to the poor little puppy.