Power of Words…!!!



Power of Words

Power of Words

There live a happy elderly couple in their 80s.  They are happily married for almost 60 years.  They have kids, two sons and one daughter, but they are busy with their lives and stay away from their parental home in different cities with their respective family.  Being bitten by the bug of old age and with no one to look after, they moved to a nursing home.  To the couple’s disbelief and dismay, the elderly lady was diagnosed with cancer of some sort that has already started spreading.  A few weeks into the diagnosis, what the elderly lady endures is pain all over her body.  Now, she is admitted to a hospital, where she reacted in anguish, “oh, the time has come for that now,” when she heard the doctor talking about hospice care to her husband. Within days into the admission, the lady started getting intense pain, which is intractable.  Now nothing seems to work to relieve her pain.  Even the most potent analgesics fail to curb her pain.  With the pain, all the husband sees in his wife’s face is a grimace.  No matter what the nurse/doctor administers her, she grimaces all day because of the pain.

With the eventuality being imminent, the husband took the pain of calling in their kids, who are now at the bedside.  Even their presence fails to bring a smile on the lady’s face.

The husband seems to be unable to withstand the turmoil his lovely wife was facing.  Now, with no hope left to ease the ailing lady, the husband tries his hand on reviving some of the old, loving memories.  He talks about how they were while they were young and how beautiful she was.  This is only when the lady wears a brief smile on her face.  Such is the power of words.  Those few words did what drug could not.